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Help us improve the stability of Firearms: Source by submitting the details of a crash during gameplay. This information will be used to track down the source of the crash so that we can address the cause in a timely fashion.

How the...?

There are instructions and further help in the form that will follow, but basically...

  1. Fill in the form below, fields in bold are required
  2. Attach a crash dump
  3. Click the "Submit" button
  4. Hug a puppy, then resume playing Firearms: Source

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This information will not be shared with anybody outside of those involved in the development of Firearms: Source. Your information will not be used for any other purpose than that of contacting you in case more details about this submission are required.

We won't sign you up for pr0n, spam, or try to sell you "enhancement" drugs, we think your... endowdness... is fine the way it is and that you are probably already happy with it.

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By continuing with the submission of a crash report, you agree that you're cool with everything that we discussed...

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Contact Details in case someone needs to contact you about this crash
Hardware Details though not required, they are helpful
Example(s): GeForce GTX570 or Radeon HD7800
Crash Information because we need to know what broke
Right click on the mod directory and choose Properties then click the Subversion tab.
At the time of the crash, including yourself. If you don't know that's ok, just estimate.
Steps to reproduce (if applicable), events leading up to the crash, etc. Be as descriptive as possible.
Crash dump files are located in [Steam directory]/SteamApps/[Account Name]/Source SDK Base 2007 and have a *.mdmp file extension.