Stability Progress, MINIMI & Live Stream Giveaway!


Over the past few weeks, we have had vigorous stress tests to ensure the game doesn’t fall apart upon release. During those stress tests, we have noticed an increase in client crashes but the haven’t seen any server crashes. The other good news is that we are at a point where the client crashes are being isolated to map change. This has been an issue that we have had for a while now and have had difficulty diagnosing. Furthermore, we don’t feel that this crash would prevent us from releasing the Open Beta, and perhaps with the community’s help we can resolve this crash. These larger player tests have also given us greater perspective on the game design, and more specifically our current armor and damage model. At the moment, the consensus is that people are dying a bit too quickly, so we are going to look at increasing the armor absorption rate. We are also looking at maybe having a more aggressive damage fall off. We feel that, while the code continues to be optimized and debugged for the open beta, we can still work on refining the gameplay. Even with an Open Beta, we realize people will make judgments about the game as a whole and its direction.


We also have completely new content being worked on, aside from the usual updates. For a while now, we have been using an old M249 SAW (MINIMI) model that was contributed to us by Schmung back in 2007/8. However, due to new requirements for attachments and art changes, we decided it was best to redo the MINIMI from scratch. Oelund has taken on the monstrous task of modeling, texturing, and animating that beast of a weapon. At this point we have the new MINIMI in-game and are in the process of adding and balancing all of its attachments. We are also starting to focus more on the web site’s development, as we realize there are a few silly errors with the forums, and the website seems a bit bare. However, we have a designer now fixing up the FAS branding so that we can get the ball rolling, and see how far we can get with the new website and fixing up the forums before our open beta. This includes stuff like our crash reporter, bug tracking, and feature voting, all critical for the community to work with.

Lastly, FattestPUNK will be streaming some more FAS Stability and Competitive testing this Sunday. He will also be having another giveaway so make sure you tune in to check out the status of FAS, as well as earn some free prizes. Internally we have been discussing a release date, but we want to first make sure we can hit it, so our next news post may have more information on that.

Status Check & More Giveaways!

Time for a little FAS status check, except this report won’t be so little. Firstly, there is still no set FAS release date yet, but we plan on keeping these news posts frequent and keep you informed of our progress. That being said, we are much closer to release now that the maps have since been optimized and the UI menus are progressing nicely. We have also had quite a few art changes, as well as stability fixes to cut down on crashes for our initial release. To get the full update log for the past week, check the list at the bottom of this post.

Additionally, we were recently donated a new SG55X from The Lama and Thanez in order to meet the raised standards of our weapon art. Resident animator, Mr.Brightside, is currently animating the SIG SG550 series. This weapon will replace the SG550 and SG552 that is currently in-game, and also provides the opportunity to add the SG550 Sniper to our arsenal. You can check out the weapon and the WIP animations in the video below.

The video above contains sounds from BF3 merely to provide context for motions in the animation

We were so pleased with the turnout of last weekend’s FAS 2.0 Beta Stream Giveaway that Eric “FattestPUNK” Kristoffersen will be streaming again this weekend. This time he will be streaming both our Stability Testing at 12pm PST/3pm EST, as well as our Competitive Testing at 6pm PST/9pm EST. He will be giving away another $20 Steam Gift Card at the Stability Testing, and will give out an additional $20 Steam Gift Card during Competitive Testing if he reaches 50 concurrent viewers. Show up in numbers for your chance to win some free Steam cash! You can view his stream and previous videos on his page: Below, you will also find an awesome 7-Kill during last weeks Testing & Giveaway. Don’t miss out on this action this time!


FAS 2.0 Beta Changelog (since last week):

  • Stability Updates
    • Fixed crashes involving flashbang effects rendering during map change
    • Removed Shader Editor
  • User Interface
    • Fixed missing background on Scoreboard Panel
    • Enabled film grain when user is in the menu system
    • Continued work on the Weapon Menu (still not in large scale testing yet)
  • Map Updates
    • TC_Frostbite: First optimization and detail pass
    • TC_Avellino: Reworked the Church Capture point for both gameplay and optimization
    • AS_Caliber: Refining the approach to objective Alpha
  • Updated Animations
    • 1911
    • AK47
    • AK74
    • Sterling
  • Updated Weapon Sounds
    • 1911
    • Desert Eagle
    • Glock 20
    • KS-23
    • M24
    • M60
    • RPK47
    • SR25
  • Misc Updates
    • Added Icon for Steam Library and Desktop

Game Testing Live Streamed with Giveaway!


For those who have been following our Facebook and Twitter, you already know that FattestPUNK will be hosting a live stream of our testing session with a $20 Steam Gift Giveaway. However, if you don’t, why aren’t you following our Facebook and Twitter? Our Facebook page is and our Twitter handle is @firearmssource. For those who prefer Google+, we recently got our Google+ page up and running as well.

Now, that you are following us in the social interwebs, I will get you up to speed. Tomorrow, 1/20/13, FattestPUNK will be live streaming our game testing session at 12pm PST, 3PM EST. If you are interested in learning a little more about FAS and the testers and developers behind the curtains, watch his stream tomorrow at During the testing session, he will also be giving out a $20 Steam Gift Card to one lucky follower watching his stream. Be sure to tune in for your chance to win.  We will also be hanging out in IRC and in Mumble, so feel free to stop by if you wanna hang out or chat.