FA:S 2.0.2 Alpha Patch – Download Now!

Welcome and let’s play FA:S 2.0.2!
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We are looking for experienced C++ programmers who can help us get Firearms on the 2013 Source Engine, and on STEAM where Firearms deserves to be. Valve gave us the green light back before Greenlight was an actual thing, so Firearms will be officially on Steam. Spread the word, tell all our programming friends the opportunity!

BIG SHOUT out to Bob_Gneu for his help on 2.0.1′s release, and a warm congratulations to you and your family on the birth of your new twins, your Facebook shenanigans do entertain :)


Now, onto the changelog for the 2.0.2 update:

  • Armor durability bug resolved. Armor max HP should no longer affect it’s absorption factor. This has necessitated the following rebalance of armor values for 2.0.2:
    • Light armor absorption factor increased from 50% to 60%.
    • Medium armor absorption factor increased from 62% to 70% (was effectively 77.5% with the bug).
    • Heavy armor absorption factor increased from 75% to 80% (was effectively 112.5% with the bug).
      • These values equate to a 10% increase in damage absorbed by an undamaged Light armour piece, a 7.5% decrease for Medium, and a 20% decrease for Heavy.
  • Unique headshot modifiers added for several weapon classes:
    • Semi-auto sniper rifles/DMR’s: 3.0x
    • Bolt-action & Antimaterial sniper rifles: 4.0x
    • Slug Shotguns: 3.5x
    • Raging Bull: 4.0x
  • The third skill level of Recon now grants a deployable proximity sensor. These can be placed and replaced just like claymores, persist over multiple lives until destroyed or replaced, and will mark enemies’ locations in 3D space for a brief period if they enter its line of sight.
  • Updated maps: tc_lugar, tc_frostbite, as_caliber, gg_dredge. Frostbite now has player clips to prevent exploiting.
  • Updated ironsight positions for: Desert Eagle, Raging Bull, oTS-33, Mac11, SG552, SG550, M14, M60.
  • Fixed RPK PSO-1 scope attachment from not aligning properly.
  • Updated weapon animations for P226.
  • Updated weapon sounds for: AK47, AK74, M14, SG552, SKS, RPK47 Suppressed and P226.
  • Glock20 has about a 20% recoil gain to balance it better against the p226.
  • Added bipod ironsight functionality for: M60, RPK, Minimi.
  • New ‘Work-in-Progress’ maps: tc_hangar, gg_gravitas.
  • New environment art models and textures.
  • New weapon animations for the Sterling SMG and knife.
  • Weapons with a fire_last animation now play the fire_last animation.
  • M79 updates the ammo counter on reloads when the tube is closed.
  • SG550 Sniper now can receive ammo from an Ammo Box.
  • MP5k extended mag and SKS 20rd mag attachments added for Gungame.
  • Made all models and materials have lowercase text to future proof us for Linux.
  • Replaced gamestartup2.mp3 (Off The Rails by Rubes) with our own FA:S Remix of Nine Inch Nails’ Survivalism.
  • When returning to the loadout menu, your previously selected armor becomes “un-checked”. Remember to reselect your armor otherwise it will default to Light armor.


Official FA:S 2.0 Alpha Weapons Released on Garry’s Mod Workshop

Oh yeah!
This Garry’s Mod weapon addon puts the first installment of the Firearms: Source 2.0 arsenal in your hands!
SWEPS (Scripted Weapons) created by Spy.

Check out the Steam Community page for instructions and useful commands.
Keep an eye out as more guns and updates get added to the workshop.

Current weapon list:
Raging Bull
…More to come!


It’s been over 2 weeks since we shipped the FA:S 2.0 Open Alpha, and we are so grateful for all the feedback and ideas we’ve received. We just want to take the time to thank you all for being such a helpful, creative community and allowing us to make a great game for you! Your bug/crash reports, ideas, comments, videos, art and time are all part of what makes the community so fun and keeps it growing.
Thanks for sharing and continuing to play Firearms!