Can you feel THAT?

Yeh, that’s the pulse of a cocked Firearm waiting to blast into the face of a hopeless nameless soul (they ran out of ammo) – that’s right things are heating up here in gunlund aka FA-land – Classic Firearms HL is being enjoyed and we think you all should know this, better yet, you could be IN this, prone and ready to claim the helmet of your cross+hair’s desire. Upgrading to Marks 2 ’cause you’re above ten while the lighting and artillery bombastically invade both choke-points.

Facebook group FAvet – Firearms Veterans links you to the action. Games are being enjoyed, probably even now (depending upon your time-zone.) Link up with your gaming friends, get in touch with Eric Kristoffersen on Facebook and share your history with Firearms to gain access into this group today!!

Visit the Forums to follow the FAvet Facebook group thread.