2.0.1 Public Alpha, Get It Now!

First things first, if you’re a server operator, go ahead and visit the Downloads page and select the Server link to download the Firearms: Source 2.0.1 Alpha Windows Server files!

If you want to download the 2.0.1 Alpha, click below and select a host!

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s update everyone on the situation. We’re now at a point where public testing can commence. We only recently got the programming assistance required to be able to ship this next version of Firearms: Source out to all of you. The first thing you may notice, is that this is not the ’2.0 Public Beta’ we’ve announced was next. It is instead a public Alpha. The reason for the regression was to make FAS available sooner than later. We’ve made some sacrifices and delayed some features, maps and art in order to get this in your hands as fast as possible. Be hopeful though, these things are planned for future releases. This is just the first! It’s our desire that you all stick around for this, and play your role as a public tester. Report crashes, report bugs, post your input on the forums, but most importantly, place your soul behind the triggers of 40+ firearms and tell us how you feel. Your feedback helps us do the BEST we can for you. Firearms ROCKS!

We’re so excited to have you all test with us at this very early stage. The game in this alpha state has some known issues. Spending any more time on these issues before release would just delayed it even further. Known issues can be addressed as we progress through the alpha into the beta. Have a look at The Known Issues List, and maybe you won’t need to report a specific bug or crash you’ve found.

See you in-game!