As expressed in our Pre-Spring Update, some of us are very busy with work and living. In order to get the open beta out to you, we require the assistance of programmers. Great ones like you! Our friend below is clearly having a good day.


If you’d love to develop Firearms, are fluent in C++, JavaScript and Lua, and have proven experience with the Source SDK, feel free to copy this email ( ), include “FAS Programmer” in the subject, and apply today with examples of your best work.

We’ve had a big change behind the scenes here, so I’ll be Firearms’ new Project Coordinator. I’d like to introduce myself as Vunsunta. My role, as well as sound design and animation, will be more of a facilitator of production knowledge and quality assurance. Much has changed so we’re still catching up as a team. Please excuse the condition of the forums at the moment, things like spoilers not functioning and similar issues. The transition into the new version of vBulletin has jumbled a few settings and it’s been challenging for the right people to get time to resolve it.

Oelund, our Art Director, has taken it upon himself to give you all not one, not two, but kind of sort of 3 or 4 Beretta pistol variants!


We start with the Beretta M92FS. A classic Firearm and a well known friend to FAS. This 15 round 9mm pistol can be outfitted with a suppressor, a recoil compensator and a 20 round magazine. Future plans also include a pistol reflex sight for all variants, and a laser aiming module. But, under-barrel attachments will automatically give you our next weapon…
The Beretta M92A1. This pistol is the same as the 92FS except for the addition of a weaver rail. You also can select this weapon if you want even without attachments.
Next is the Beretta M96 Brigadier. This is a new addition to the Firearms brand. Chambered in .40 S&W, you can deal a little more damage for a higher cost (or however we ultimately decide to balance it). A slightly different slide can help tell the difference visually.
Lastly we have our beloved Beretta M93R making a return back to Firearms. This select-able 3 round burst pistol will have an option for a folding stock, so you can make sure you feed all 20 of your digital bullets to those in need.

Thanks for tuning in everybody. Feel free to stop by our Mumble channel and hang out. The developers have a channel that everyone can join called “Open Development”. It’s there for you to use so stop by and say hi!
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Port: 64738
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