Pre-Spring Update

Behind the scenes here, we’re doing what we can to get the game in a state we feel is acceptable for you guys to start testing! Though most of us are still crunching heavy, some of us are dealing with the calls of RL, or real-life for the non savvy. So, even though this is a small status update, we mainly want to ask all of you to please be patient… allow us to sort out what’s important in our physical lives, to ultimately make more time – for you!
While your waiting, go ahead and grab a copy of ARMA III on Steam! Definitely worth the cash and is a HUGE improvement over previous ARMA games!

We are just as excited to have you join us, as you are! Guns as a platform for fun and creativity is what Firearms is all about. We’re always looking for creative, talented people to add their color to the Firearms palette, so get in touch and let us know how you want to help write the FA legacy!