Open Beta Plans, Tools, and Communication


Over the past weekend we had a great development team meeting regarding the status of the Firearms: Source 2.0 Beta. We came to the conclusion that we are comfortable opening the last stage of development up to the community. We have a few features still absent from the game and content that is still a work in progress. However, we are very much happy with the gameplay and the current feature set and are eager to finally get community feedback.

Over the next few weeks, we will be getting the necessary services in order, so that you can provide us with as much feedback as possible. We will have a few tools set up that will help facilitate that communication, such as:

  • Crash Reporter – Players will be able to upload their crash dumps in order to help us debug their crashes.
  • Issue Tracker – Players will be able to submit tickets for bugs and exploits, as well as track the status of those issues.
  • User Voice – Players will be able to vote for the features and bug fixes they feel we should prioritize.
  • Subversion – Players will be able to test the latest bug fixes and content changes before they are rolled out in the next patch.

In order to start ramping up communication with the community we cordially invite you to hang out on both our IRC channel (#firearms-source @, and our Mumble Server ( 64738). The community servers will also be cleaned up and reformatted in preparation for the beta.

Finally, we are looking for new developers and community managers to help us with the release. If you are interested, please email me at dyspatch [at] Also, If you are a Game Server Provider and have an interest in hosting servers for the beta, please email me at the same email address. Once we release, we plan on patching the mod on a monthly basis, so you will need to be open to patching your servers once a month. For the rest of the community, you can look forward to our soft beta release very shortly. We will keep you all posted on a frequent basis so that you can prepare for the release party.