Game Testing Live Streamed with Giveaway!


For those who have been following our Facebook and Twitter, you already know that FattestPUNK will be hosting a live stream of our testing session with a $20 Steam Gift Giveaway. However, if you don’t, why aren’t you following our Facebook and Twitter? Our Facebook page is and our Twitter handle is @firearmssource. For those who prefer Google+, we recently got our Google+ page up and running as well.

Now, that you are following us in the social interwebs, I will get you up to speed. Tomorrow, 1/20/13, FattestPUNK will be live streaming our game testing session at 12pm PST, 3PM EST. If you are interested in learning a little more about FAS and the testers and developers behind the curtains, watch his stream tomorrow at During the testing session, he will also be giving out a $20 Steam Gift Card to one lucky follower watching his stream. Be sure to tune in for your chance to win.  We will also be hanging out in IRC and in Mumble, so feel free to stop by if you wanna hang out or chat.