Status Update, FAS2.0 Feature List, & More!

Summer’s Dawn

As the summer begins to wind down, the heat turns up for us developers. Over the past month, we have been wrapping up the remaining features and trying to clean up as much of the game as possible until we hit our soft release. As I have mentioned before, we are approaching an Open Beta, which is essentially us bringing the game to you in raw form. What makes this Open Beta critical, is your feedback, and so many of our features will change based on the feedback you all provide. We want to make sure our Steam release is very polished in order to attract the over 4 million player community that Steam has. This is also why we would prefer to first bring in our existing community to give the new FAS gameplay a shot, and break as much of it as you can. The more bug fixes and game balancing we can get done during the Open Beta, the better our Steam release will be.

Our very own competitive gameplay tester, Deadly, has put together a nice frag video of a fairly recent gameplay test. Our testers have been rigorously testing the game to make sure that the critical bugs are resolved before the Open Beta hits. This means that our larger community can focus on stress testing the game for us, as well as pointing out all the subtle problems that can detract from the overall gaming experience. At FAS 2.0′s current state, the gameplay has never felt better. During our wrap up phase, we have had a large group of competitive gamers pubbing and scrimming in FAS in efforts to point out any major issues we may have with the gameplay. We have been tweaking weapon values, redefining weapon roles, and making sure that FAS delivers classic Firearms gameplay.

FAS2.0 Features

One thing to please note, as you read the list of features that we have added to the game, is that the FAS 2.0 Open Beta may not contain complete versions of the features listed below. One of the largest benefits of the Open Beta is that we can make heavy modifications and updates to the features listed below based on our community feedback. When it comes time to the FAS2.0 Steam Release, some of these features may even be removed based on what reactions

Main Features

  • All New Player Design
    (Models, Textures, and Animations)
  • 4 New Original Maps
    (AS_Caliber, TC_Sensou, TC_Avellino, TC_Frostbite)
  • 15 New Weapons
    (P226, Raging Bull, MK7A4 Sterling Para Pistol, MP5K, Sterling, UZI, PP-19 Bizon, KS-23, SG552, AK74, SKS, RPK, M21 SWS, SVD Dragunov)
  • New Weapon Attachment System with 8 Different Accessories
    (EOTech Reflext Sight, CompM2 Aimpoint Red Dot Sight, C79 Optical Sight, PSO-1 Optical Sight, Bayonet, Suppressors, Bipods, Extended Magazines, and more to come!)
  • New Skill Features
    (Target Acquisition, Hospice Flags, Proximity Sensors, Artillery Barrage)
  • New User Interface With Improve User Experience Design
    (Heads-Up Display & Loadout Menu System)
  • New Sounds
    (Weapons Sounds, Player Sounds, and Ambiance)
  • New Music
    (Menu, Victory Tracks, and Other Compositions)
  • New Particle Effects
    (Impact, Environment, and Weapon Effects) 

Gameplay Features

  • Weapon Rebalance
    From accuracy and recoil to movement modifiers and damage decay, everything about the weapons have been rebalanced from scratch and have been put through rigorous testing with both competitive and casual players.
  • Skills Restructured
    The rate at which you receive skills as well as the skills themselves have all been modified to enhance the gameplay and user experience. We have included new Tier 3 items, as well as completely new benefits in the lower tiers. 
  • New Bandage System
    Added health regeneration on teammate heal making field medics more useful and keep up with the fast paced FAS gameplay as well as allowing all players able to bandage themselves to prevent bleeding at anytime.
  • Ironsights
    A largely requested feature from our community, we decided our next iteration of Firearms: Source had to include some form of ironsights. Because Firearms gameplay is not geared for ironsights, we decided to add them as a purely aesthetic feature that players can use if they want to have a deeper sense of immersion. Ironsighting does not affect accuracy, it simply has a slight recoil reduction and an FOV decrease in order to see further down range. 
  • Firemode Modifiers
     Making each firemode have its own unique role in the game, allowing you to shift gameplay styles on the fly. Whether it’s the front-loaded fast damage output of Burst, the precision shots of Semi-Auto, or a spray of Full-Auto, there is a firemode that certainly fits your needs. 
  • Weapon Scavenging
    In the case you are always on the move and away from ammo crates, you can now pick up your victim’s weapon and temporarily use it against them for the ammo that left in it’s current magazine. 
  • Unique Bullet Penetration
    Different weapon types now having varying bullet penetrationg and damage fall-off depending on its role. Support weapons, like Snipers and Machine Guns, have higher suppression whereas weaker caliber weapons take greater damage fall-off through walls, adding a whole new dynamic to FAS gameplay. 
  • Broken Legs
    Bringing back a classic Firearms feature that allows snipers and other high caliber slow firing weapons to suppress their enemies. Worry not, in FAS2.0, broken legs regenerate so that you aren’t left gimping throughout the entire map.

Firearms: Source League

One area where we have given a lot of development and testing focus has been on competitive play for FA:S and preparing it as an E-Sport. With the guidance of many original Firearms clanners, we have been able to fine tune the gameplay and address the needs of competitive gamers. We want to deliver a game that is not only fun to play, but has a high skill ceiling that would reward players for their dedication, while always leaving room for improvement. Our competitive testing coordinator Eric “FattestPUNK” Kristofferson has been a huge help in organizing competitive gamers from not only the original Firearms but from various First Person Shooters. During the Open Beta, we will be hosting a local Firearms: Source League that will end with a tournament and a prize for the champions. One of our competitive testers, Anthony Kongphan, will also begin streaming some live FAS2.0 competitive gameplay on his TwitchTV Stream. We will try to get the game ready for streaming as soon as this weekend, and will post a schedule of when he will be streaming on our website, as well as our Twitter (@FirearmsSource) and Facebook.


Got CS:GO?

To celebrate the release of CS:GO and to give it’s players a little something to enjoy while FAS gets closer to open beta, we’ve released an Official Weapon Sound Pack that replaces fire, distance and reload sounds for matching guns of both FAS and CS:GO! Stay tuned though because when we release 2.0 on Steam, this sound pack will change to version 2 and all the weapon sounds of CS:GO will be replaced with FAS sounds. We hope you enjoy it and we thank you for your strong patience!