Summer Approaches

As summer approaches, I know you are all wondering when Firearms: Source 2.0 is finally going to be released. Well, us developers are having that same conversation right now as we look at our long list of stuff that needs to be completed. The good news is that we have removed or fixed all critical crashes and bugs that we consider to be show stoppers. For a time we had some memory leaks that would cause client crashes after map change, but those have since been fixed. The game is feeling very solid, and at this time we are really just focusing on finishing up a large load of art assets, finishing what maps are on our plate, and a few big ticket coding tasks. This weekend we will make a decision as to what the plan of attack will be as we are considering trimming some features that are still pending so we can get an open beta out to the public for larger testing.

In the meantime, we have finished our move to the new web host and have a fresh new website to match. We wanted to keep it simple for now so that we can focus on wrapping up the game and just make simple blog updates about our status. I hope you all dig the nostalgic look as I think we will be sticking with this branding for our release. I am going to try to be a bit more transparent about our progress, so look out for an update next week in regards to our plan for getting FA:S 2.0 out the door.