FA:S 2.0 Open Beta Plans

Hey fans,

This past weekend, we had a nice developer meeting where combed through our 2.0 feature list and everything that still needs to be done. With our 2 year anniversary coming up (since we released 1.0), we felt that we really need to wrap up what we already have on our plate and work towards releasing on Open Beta. This open beta will most likely not be released on Steam because we are looking to do a soft release, which will allow us to resolve any critical or game breaking issues that would negatively impact your gaming experience. After a few months in Open Beta, we can then go ahead and release on Steam having fixed those issues that really only pop up in a large release.

When should you expect this Open Beta? Well, unfortunately there is still a little bit of work to get our maps complete, the new UI in place, and whatever small tickets we feel are necessary for you all to enjoy the game. That being said, we are comfortable in saying that you can expect the Open Beta to be available by the end of this Summer 2012. Seeing as Summer is near, we hope that this isn’t too long of a wait for you guys. In the meantime, we are going to continue to work hard and we will be publishing plenty of media along the way.


Frag On,