Welcome to 2012

Welcome to 2012, Firearms: Source fans!

First off, I’d like to introduce myself as I’m a new member to the FAS team. You can call me Super Joe, and I’ll be handling Firearms: Source’s public relations from here on in. I’ll be writing up weekly(ish) blog posts to keep you guys filled in with what’s going on with FAS, as well as handling any press contact we receive. Though I have no hands-on experience with PR until now, I have been on the flipside of PR for nearly two years now thanks to a little website called Reaction Time. It’s my pet project, with games journalism and the reviewing of games being a passion of mine for quite a while. In January 2010, I solidified my ambitions, and since then the site has grown by a large margin with a now well-sized staff onboard and hundreds of new visitors each day.I urge you to check it out, and maybe even tell your friends – that’d be great!

Anyhow, onto business…

Yes – Firearms: Source is being released this year. I say that first because this is definitely the question you want answered right away. Having been in a few playtests myself, I can safely say that the development team are wrapping up existing content and nearing the closed beta that we intend to release. I’ve played a good amount of Firearms: Source 1.0 in my time, as well as the original Half-Life mod before, and I’d like to put your minds at ease by saying that this is still the game you know and love – but kicked up a notch. Or two. Or three. The team is hard at work polishing off the maps we currently have in-game, as well as completely reworking the user interface to look better than you’ve seen in a Source mod before.

The exact date of the closed beta is under wraps at the moment, but keep on the look out for future blog posts for up-to-date information on Firearms’ development. We’re eager to get some community feedback, so the closed beta will be sooner rather than later (though the number of people being let in will be small at first). This is Super Joe signing off; don’t hesitate to PM me on the official forums, and maybe check out our Facebook page where I should also be posting on fairly regularly.

Oh, and by the way, I have a little gift for you all from our very own VMan. He recorded some gameplay from a recent playtest and, well, see it for yourself! I advise watching right up until the end, also. Do it.