In Memory of Mitchell “Engineer” Keesee

Mitchell Curtis Keesee
April 19, 1988 – September 26, 2011

If you have not heard already, I unfortunately bring the sad news that our long time Sound Designer, Mitchell “Engineer” Keesee has passed away a week ago today. Mitchell, or as we called him “engy,” was a great developer with a big heart. He never wanted any conflicts within the team, and every time there was a heated debate about some silly game design decision, he was always there to say something funny to lighten the mood. Mitchell never took anything too seriously and would do anything to make us laugh. He was a very deep and thoughtful person, and was the life of the party amongst our team. He worked hard making sound effects for not only Firearms: Source, but the multiple mods he has been a part of over the years, such as The Trenches, Insurgency, Golden Eye: Source, and Ham and Jam to name a few. He contributed some excellent work to the mod, and his drive to make his sounds perfect was inspiring. His work on the FAS team was always outstanding and he contributed some very immersive and awesome sounds that are beyond what most retail games can provide. He reminded us all the reason why we make games in the first place, to have fun. We will miss his laugh and his Text-To-Speech spamming on Mumble that would always make us crack up. He was a fun person to talk to and play games with. He had a bright future in game development ahead of him and he will forever be missed.

When one’s parents outlast their children, it is very tragic. With the high costs of funerals and the trauma of one’s child passing before them, Mitchell’s family is in a time of need. If you would like to lend a helping hand to his family, please feel free to donate to a paypal dedicated to their family. All donations will go to supporting the cost of the funeral and to help the family with grief counseling.

Additionally, if you were a dear friend of Mitchell’s and would like to write something to his family and to pay your respects, we are putting together a nice card to send them. If you would like to contribute please email your write up to cf.15094 [at] Your writing can be as short as a few sentences or as long as a couple paragraphs.