Sound of Silence

Attachments for Credits

The time has come to finally start announcing some details of our attachment system, and I feel the suppressors would be a great place to start. Attachments can be obtained on weapons through our new load out menu, which has been completely been redesigned. In order to outfit your firearm with an attachment, or suppressor, you simply select the weapon you want and purchase the suppressor attachment for an additional 5 credits. Unlike the original Firearms, suppressor in FAS will not be determined by skills, nor will they be detachable. If you want a suppressor on your firearms, equip the suppressor, otherwise don’t. Additionally, every attachment in FAS will have its drawbacks as well. We want to make sure that attachments are used to not necessarily add an overall improvement, but more shape the gun into a new weapon that is just as balanced as it was before. While outfitting your weapon with every attachment known to man will still be possible, it could severely hinder the performance of your weapon.

Suppressors not Silencers

When equipping your firearm with a suppressor, you will be sacrificing accuracy and damage in return for the ultimate stealth experience. Suppressor will hide your muzzle flash, as well as affect the attenuation of you gun shots so that they become harder to distinguish where they are coming from. We also distinguish between subsonic and supersonic weapons, in that subsonic ammunition will not have the sonic boom, or ballistic crack, that you hear in supersonic sounds regardless of suppressor. Thus equipping an MP5SD will be more suppressed than simply sticking a suppressor on your MP5K due the MP5SD’s subsonic ammunition. The drawbacks of suppressors is insignificant in the long haul, especially if you loading out with marksmanship skills. However, if you are in a face to face battle with someone who doesn’t have a suppressor equipped, don’t be surprised if you are outgunned. As we stated before, attachments are equipped to move your weapon to a specialized role, not just to make it the uber leet weapon that dominates all and fits all roles.

Put Sentry Here!

Just to wrap us up, Mod Sentry has recently published an Interview with me, DysPatch, which includes some exclusive media of the KS-23 and MK7A4 in ironsights. Additionally, I discuss the essence Firearms Source, some brief information on what we plan to include in FAS 2.0, and some insight into the difficulties of modding. Head over to Mod Sentry to check out the full interview.

Next week’s developer blog will also cover the weapon dynamics in Firearms Source, as well as the design methods behind balancing the weapons. I will be discussing how we combine the use of damage, damage decay, rate of fire, accuracy, recoil, stance modifiers, and movement penalties to all drive home the uniqueness of each weapon. I will also be including screenshots and video of a couple weapons to show how the new movement modifiers are taken into consideration, as well as showing off our new dynamic crosshair that is visible in our suppressor video. We decided to move to the dynamic crosshair so that new players could get a better understanding of how stance, movement, and firemode all affect the accuracy of your weapon.

Finally, we are always looking for new developers to join our team and help us with the final push to 2.0 release. Please send your application on our Jobs page, with the position you are interested in selected as the subject line. Thank you for checking out our latest news and we plan on keeping them frequent.